Of the three possibles, one actually lives in my town. He works and lives in areas that I’m familiar with. We actually have the greatest likelyhood of meeting. I am ambivalent though because he is so much younger than I. He is only 4 years older than my oldest son. I have many concerns…will he be disappointed when we meet? Has he ever dated an older woman? a disabled woman? Is he looking for a mother? At times I think these questions are valid at other times I think they stem from a lack of confidence.

When all is said and done, I still think I need more dating options. One person Is a lack of options.


Weeding Out The Bad

I’ve ended up with almost 300 responses to the My Space profile to date. I’ve got that narrowed down to three possibles for dating. I’ve found that many con men are out there trying to part women from their money. Most of these men are in Nigeria. A few say they’re in the UK. None of them can answer questions about the Hometown in the USA from which they claim to come. Finally, all of them think soccer is football. from all these responses, I found three that follow the NFL.

LONG JOURNEY/One woman’s Story


My little mama used to tell me be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. I didn’t truly understand this warning until very recently.

I’ve been divorced for 30 years. I haven’t had a “boyfriend” in 10 years. So I decided I was ready to go on a search for the RIGHT man. Now, I’m disabled so I don’t get out and about very much. I decided I’d look for Mr. Right on the internet. I checked out several on line dating services, but they were all too expensive for me. That left Facebook and MySpace as free logical options.

I bombed out on Facebook. Not even one “Friend” request. Undaunted in the quest at hand, I moved on to MySpace.  I opened an account and filled in all my general information (age, sex, etc.) .  Next came the essay, or blurbs, as they’re called on this particular site. One is asked to describe him/herself and the person they’d like to meet. I never realized how difficult this could be without sounding pompous.  After a lot of thought, I began typing. I gave an overview of  my history, listed many of my qualities (according to my friends), my limitations, likes and dislikes. I then described the type of man I am looking for.  The final section asks for lists of favorites in several fields, music, books, movies, etc. Finally, after several hours, with the exception of a picture, my profile was complete. I was pleased. I thought I’d get an e-mail soon.  After two weeks I still didn’t have a nibble.

I was talking to Carla, my best friend, one day and told her I didn’t have a picture to post on my profiles. She had recently taken a photo of me and my dog so she e-mailed that to me. I immediately posted the picture on my profile. Within 24 hours I received 78 e-mails. As of today the number has risen to 180.  Be careful what you ask for!