LONG JOURNEY/One woman’s Story


My little mama used to tell me be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. I didn’t truly understand this warning until very recently.

I’ve been divorced for 30 years. I haven’t had a “boyfriend” in 10 years. So I decided I was ready to go on a search for the RIGHT man. Now, I’m disabled so I don’t get out and about very much. I decided I’d look for Mr. Right on the internet. I checked out several on line dating services, but they were all too expensive for me. That left Facebook and MySpace as free logical options.

I bombed out on Facebook. Not even one “Friend” request. Undaunted in the quest at hand, I moved on to MySpace.  I opened an account and filled in all my general information (age, sex, etc.) .  Next came the essay, or blurbs, as they’re called on this particular site. One is asked to describe him/herself and the person they’d like to meet. I never realized how difficult this could be without sounding pompous.  After a lot of thought, I began typing. I gave an overview of  my history, listed many of my qualities (according to my friends), my limitations, likes and dislikes. I then described the type of man I am looking for.  The final section asks for lists of favorites in several fields, music, books, movies, etc. Finally, after several hours, with the exception of a picture, my profile was complete. I was pleased. I thought I’d get an e-mail soon.  After two weeks I still didn’t have a nibble.

I was talking to Carla, my best friend, one day and told her I didn’t have a picture to post on my profiles. She had recently taken a photo of me and my dog so she e-mailed that to me. I immediately posted the picture on my profile. Within 24 hours I received 78 e-mails. As of today the number has risen to 180.  Be careful what you ask for!



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