LONG JOURNEY/One Mothers Life

With Thanksgiving only a few days away I’m feeling  a bit nostalgic.  I miss our dinners, you know the ones where all the family gets together for the whole day.  Each family member would contribute  his/her food specialty to the menu. Each year would find some new additions.  This tradition started at my parents house and moved to my brother’s house over the years.  Sadly, it’s come to an end.  I would have liked to continue  this tradition with my own little family but each of them, for whatever his/her reason, chose not to spend any time with me.  Because of this I’ve shared the day with a changing group of friends over the years.  This year, though, looks like I’ll be alone.  Hardly worth the effort to cook.  But, who knows what will happen tomorrow, I may end up with 15 guests.

As I’ve mentioned I have three children. The eldest is my son Quintin.  Quintin is one of my heroes. He is a police officer and a Marine and from what  I hear one of the world’s greatest dads.  He and his wife, Robin, have a total of two daughters.  They lost one of their twins in August due to complications of premature birth.   Throughout this difficult time he has been very strong.  I ask your continued prayers for Avery, the surviving twin, she still has a long way to go.  And while I’m asking, please remember to pray for Robin and Quintin. They need all the support and prayers they  can get.

My daughter is named Evangeline, for the Longfellow poem by the same name, but is commonly called Angel.  Angel is in health care.  She’s living in Texas again (woo!!hoo!!) and is the mother  of three.  Her eldest, Andrew, lives with her while Dominic and Katy live with their dad in Japan.  Troy, Dominic and Katy’s dad, swears we’ll never see them again. Pray God softens his heart, we miss them so much.

Jeremy is my youngest child.  What can I say about Jeremy?  He has a Peter Pan complex.  He’s been married to a sweet girl, Kim, for 10 years but they’re separated. They have four children.  Since Kim and the children live in Fort Worth, these are the grandkids I occasionally get to see. Eric, Matthew, Madison, and Dameon. Each favors their dad in some way. Jeremy is disliked by his brother and sister(each for their own reasons) and can be a real pain in the butt! Yet, he’s always been the one to come through for me.  When I needed to move on two different occasions, he handled it single-handedly.  When I was released from the hospital after almost dying, he stayed with me. He’s somewhere outside Boston, Mass. now but I know if I really needed him he’d find a way to get here.  My prayer for him is that someday he’ll “grow-up”.

Where did all the years go?  I still remember giving birth to each of them, holding them for the first time and letting them nurse.  I would have never believed i could have such powerful sensory memories of this 30+ years later.  Each of them looked so much alike (their baby pictures almost interchangeable), yet each with a unique personality.

I sometimes wish I could go back to that time in my life.  Things were so much easier then.  If my child was unhappy, I would pick him up, change his diaper, feed him, cuddle him, sing to him, and that usually made everything better.  As they grew up it was more difficult to keep them happy, but not impossible.  Now, no matter what I do or don’t do they are unhappy with me, to the  point of disowning me.   I hope this happens with other mothers too, otherwise I am the going to be the saddest most depressed mom in the world.  I am tired of being sad!!

If you have little ones they may be asking  how come we have Thanksgiving.   You can usually just tell them about the pilgrims being thankful for making it to America safely.  Of course that might lead to a flurry  of other questions, but not until they’re older.  And parents, let me say here, your kids are little sponges soaking up everything you say…be careful what you say  it WILL be repeated!

Time to get a bite to eat and get ready for bed.  With my tremors (from Parkinson’s Disease), it takes all afternoon and evening to post a blog.  However, I’m unable to write at all without my computer.  A special thanks goes out  to Shenequa, one of my aides who bought it for me.


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