Well since my last post I’ve met the one who stood out.  It turns out that like men from my past, he was looking for a sex partner not a life partner.  He does respect my views though and we have decided to be platonic friends.  He says “Hi” a couple of times a week and checks to see if  I need anything.  Although I didn’t get a “boyfriend”, I’m still a winner because I gained a good friend.

I met another possible and was honestly starting to believe he might be the real thing until yesterday.  That’s when the “hard luck” story hit my e-mail.  There was the plea for me to wire money, etc.,etc.   When I stressed I have no money (I’m broke myself right now) then it was requests to sell assets, use credit cards and ask for loans.  I repeated I have no assets to sell, I don’t have credit cards, and I can’t get a loan.  Then of course there was name calling and questioning of my Christianity.

Let me say here, I thank God I was conned in the past. It has caused me to have a healthy dose of skepticism  about men’s motives. I’m more cautious than in the past and don’t do foolish things.  I got into lot’s of trouble in the past taking a check from a man and depositing it in my account. He said he wanted to help me out financially. We went grocery shopping and filled my pantries, refrigerator and freezer.  I got a new coffee maker, household goods and paid bills.  I bought my kids and I two new outfits each and gave him back $200.  It was a great couple of days.  On Monday he asked if he could drop me off at work and use the car to see some friends and run some errands.  I said sure.  When I got off work, he wasn’t there.  I called around and nobody had seen him.  I called home and found that he had gone back there and taken almost all the food we had bought.  He never came back.   Two weeks later I started getting bounced checks.  The check he deposited into my account was stolen.  I was questioned in connection with a conspiracy to commit check fraud investigation.  I was cleared of conspiracy but I spent years paying back for that mistake.

I still have faith that there is at least one good man out there for me.  I know that all men aren’t bad.