Well since my last post I’ve met the one who stood out.  It turns out that like men from my past, he was looking for a sex partner not a life partner.  He does respect my views though and we have decided to be platonic friends.  He says “Hi” a couple of times a week and checks to see if  I need anything.  Although I didn’t get a “boyfriend”, I’m still a winner because I gained a good friend.

I met another possible and was honestly starting to believe he might be the real thing until yesterday.  That’s when the “hard luck” story hit my e-mail.  There was the plea for me to wire money, etc.,etc.   When I stressed I have no money (I’m broke myself right now) then it was requests to sell assets, use credit cards and ask for loans.  I repeated I have no assets to sell, I don’t have credit cards, and I can’t get a loan.  Then of course there was name calling and questioning of my Christianity.

Let me say here, I thank God I was conned in the past. It has caused me to have a healthy dose of skepticism  about men’s motives. I’m more cautious than in the past and don’t do foolish things.  I got into lot’s of trouble in the past taking a check from a man and depositing it in my account. He said he wanted to help me out financially. We went grocery shopping and filled my pantries, refrigerator and freezer.  I got a new coffee maker, household goods and paid bills.  I bought my kids and I two new outfits each and gave him back $200.  It was a great couple of days.  On Monday he asked if he could drop me off at work and use the car to see some friends and run some errands.  I said sure.  When I got off work, he wasn’t there.  I called around and nobody had seen him.  I called home and found that he had gone back there and taken almost all the food we had bought.  He never came back.   Two weeks later I started getting bounced checks.  The check he deposited into my account was stolen.  I was questioned in connection with a conspiracy to commit check fraud investigation.  I was cleared of conspiracy but I spent years paying back for that mistake.

I still have faith that there is at least one good man out there for me.  I know that all men aren’t bad.



Of the three possibles, one actually lives in my town. He works and lives in areas that I’m familiar with. We actually have the greatest likelyhood of meeting. I am ambivalent though because he is so much younger than I. He is only 4 years older than my oldest son. I have many concerns…will he be disappointed when we meet? Has he ever dated an older woman? a disabled woman? Is he looking for a mother? At times I think these questions are valid at other times I think they stem from a lack of confidence.

When all is said and done, I still think I need more dating options. One person Is a lack of options.

Weeding Out The Bad

I’ve ended up with almost 300 responses to the My Space profile to date. I’ve got that narrowed down to three possibles for dating. I’ve found that many con men are out there trying to part women from their money. Most of these men are in Nigeria. A few say they’re in the UK. None of them can answer questions about the Hometown in the USA from which they claim to come. Finally, all of them think soccer is football. from all these responses, I found three that follow the NFL.

LONG JOURNEY/One woman’s Story


My little mama used to tell me be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. I didn’t truly understand this warning until very recently.

I’ve been divorced for 30 years. I haven’t had a “boyfriend” in 10 years. So I decided I was ready to go on a search for the RIGHT man. Now, I’m disabled so I don’t get out and about very much. I decided I’d look for Mr. Right on the internet. I checked out several on line dating services, but they were all too expensive for me. That left Facebook and MySpace as free logical options.

I bombed out on Facebook. Not even one “Friend” request. Undaunted in the quest at hand, I moved on to MySpace.  I opened an account and filled in all my general information (age, sex, etc.) .  Next came the essay, or blurbs, as they’re called on this particular site. One is asked to describe him/herself and the person they’d like to meet. I never realized how difficult this could be without sounding pompous.  After a lot of thought, I began typing. I gave an overview of  my history, listed many of my qualities (according to my friends), my limitations, likes and dislikes. I then described the type of man I am looking for.  The final section asks for lists of favorites in several fields, music, books, movies, etc. Finally, after several hours, with the exception of a picture, my profile was complete. I was pleased. I thought I’d get an e-mail soon.  After two weeks I still didn’t have a nibble.

I was talking to Carla, my best friend, one day and told her I didn’t have a picture to post on my profiles. She had recently taken a photo of me and my dog so she e-mailed that to me. I immediately posted the picture on my profile. Within 24 hours I received 78 e-mails. As of today the number has risen to 180.  Be careful what you ask for!


Hello world!

I’m a 59 year old mother of three adult children who have given me ten beautiful grandchildren.   Sadly one of these beautiful babies lost her struggle for life after only 16 days on this earth.

I’m disabled,  with lots of time on my hands, so I thought I might try my hand at blogging.  Maybe my life can be a source of encouragement and entertainment to others.  For single mothers, you can see that you’re not alone, others have walked in your shoes and lived to tell about it.

My postings will be a combination of what was, what is and what I pray for in the future.  Some will be sad, some comical and some observational.  Of course, being a Mawmaw (grandma for those who don’t speak baby), I’ll also give some advice.  A young friend told me she thinks I’m a very wise, knowledgeable person.  I hope I prove her right!  Thanks Nicole, what a beautiful compliment.

I was born in June 1951 in Fort Worth, Texas to a young unmarried mother who was unable to take care of me and was thus adopted by my maternal grandparents.  I will be eternally grateful to them.  They were in their mid 40s when I was born.  Daddy was a self employed sign painter and for most of my life, Mama was a homemaker.  Mama never intended for me to know  that I was adopted.  She warned EVERYONE against telling me.  She finally  told me herself, after a near death experience, when I was 29 years old.

As a child, I was in love with my big brother, Bubba.   There was 14 years difference in our age.  I loved going for rides on my Bubbba’s motorcycle, especially down to the local drive-in hamburger joint. I loved all the attention the car hops gave me and so did my brother. Years later I realized he was using me for date bait.  My brother ended up marrying the girl next door.  He used me for date bait to get her, too!   I remember telling people that when I grew up I was either going to marry my Bubba or Elvis Presley.  I struck out both times on that one.

Sometime during my 7th year I got my own bed in my own bedroom for the first time in my life.  I didn’t like it.  I had been in bed with my Mama from the time I was six months old and had pneumonia.  I was terrified!  I could not sleep with the door to my room closed.  I finally acclimated, though.  It’s a good thing, I’ve spent more years sleeping alone than not.   There was so much going on during those times that were scary such as the Cuban Missel Crisis…not knowing but what we’d be bombed at any moment!  I remember falling asleep with a transistor radio under my pillow and begging God to let there be a tomorrow.

So many thoughts are swirling in my head but, it’s time for a nebulizer treatment and pain medications.  My  little dog is looking like she could use a hug, too.  So I’ll close for now.  Hope I haven’t been too boring and you’ve gotten an idea what my posts will be like.

The following link has meant a lot to me especially since the loss of my precious grandchild.